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Sage is a Fiber Artist and Breathwork Facilitator in Kailua, HI, following a life of creativity and purpose and trusting the whispers of her soul’s desires as her guiding light. From living in the mountains of Montana to the tropical islands of Hawaii, her journey has ebbed and flowed through the process of life, healing pieces of herself through creative expression, yoga, travel, and breathwork.

Tying knots, breathwork, and yoga are all practices that help her get out of her head and into her hands and body. As a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, certified yoga instructor, and Fiber Artist, she’s committed to helping others tap into the parts of themselves that are often hidden from view, but are in fact the deepest and most beautiful expressions of who they really are. Using breathwork and creative exploration as her guide, it is her hope to help others connect to themselves in a new and meaningful way that brings a sense of purpose, peace, and healing to their lives.

Shine Your Light in Bali Retreat

Breathwork | Human Design | Subconscious Healing | Yoga | Sacred Temples

with Sage King & Fauzia Morgan

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