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This macrame is absolutely gorgeous in my room. I wanted it all natural instead of the brown and the seller was very happy to make that adjustment for me and did it way faster than I expected. It was changed, shipped and arrived from Hawaii in less than a week! It's my favorite thing in y room now. The attention to detail is outstanding. When I need more macrame, I will definitely be buying here


Somehow the rainbow is even more adorable in person. Excellent quality and a very sweet accent piece to my daughter's room. Embodied Knots made the ordering process incredibly easy and fast. I will definitely be ordering again.


This macrame wall art is beautiful! The quality is evident in the detailed patterns that are put together. I may be purchasing a larger piece from this shop, as I did not measure my wall well enough. Either way, I am more than happy to get more macrame!


Hearkening back to the '70s when my own artistic skills were at their prime, this piece would really have gotten a rise out of my own peers at the time. It's beautiful, well-made, and looks great on my entrance door!


Great quality, packaged well, and absolutely beautiful!


This piece is absolutely beautiful. I love the calming colors and getting to look at it everyday. Highly recommend ordering from Sage if you are in the market for a well made and unique macrame.


We absolutely adore this feather macrame piece from Embodied Knots! It is so beautifully crafted and looks gorgeous on our wall. Very delicate looking, yet it is clearly well made and quite sturdy. Our item was delivered quickly. We will definitely order from Sage again! Her macrame is stunning!