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Mindful Art Retreats

Do you need a break from the everyday chaos of your busy life? Join Sage and other guest artists for a luxurious day or weekend full of art, yoga, community, and nourishing meals on the island of Oahu. Ground yourself with mindfulness meditation and gentle yoga, find your creative-self through mixed media guided art workshops, and nourish your body with beautifully catered meals. No art or yoga experience required.


Unleash your creativity through mini and half-day guided workshops led by Sage and other guest artists.

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Sage King is a Fiber Artist located in Kailua, Hawaii. From a young age, she always had her hands in some type of craftwork, but it wasn't until 2018 that she discovered her deep love for the Fiber Arts. She draws her inspiration from daily beach walks and time spent in nature.

What has always drawn her to a creative life is the process itself, rather than the final, tangible piece of art. She began teaching workshops post-pandemic when she saw the need for re-connction and community. The combination of practicing yoga and connecting to her creative-self has given her a sense of peace and calm in her daily life and has helped her heal through challenging times. This is where the birth of her retreats came from.

It is her hope that through her retreats she can help others connect to themselves through art and yoga, leading them to find more joy and peace in their own lives.