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Nourish your body, mind & soul

Daily life continues to feel as though it’s moving faster than ever before. Whether it’s our work obligations, children with hectic schedules, caring for aging parents or the never-ending to do list, it can feel challenging to put ourselves first, go inward, and connect with ourselves and each other.


Come spend the day (or weekend) discovering beautiful ways of connecting with your creative-self through art, breathwork and movement.  Art is a process, a journey, and an experience to be had, not a destination. As we connect to ourselves through breathwork we can then allow our creativity to flow and express ourselves in new ways. Each retreat is centered around a breathwork session led by Sage, an art workshop taught by a curated guest artist, a gentle yoga class or sound bath led  by an experienced instructor, nourishing catered meals, and simple meditation. You'll walk away with your own unique piece of art, but more importantly, you'll leave feeling peaceful, grounded, and connected.


These retreats are meant for anyone who is looking for a unique escape from the daily chaos where they can relax, connect to their creative-self, and find a sense of peace and grounding. No art or yoga experience required, just an openness to learn and be playful with a new craft, stretch and relax your body, and sit quietly with yourself for brief meditation. Yoga modifications will be offered for every level. 


"Creativity itself doesn't care at all about results - the only thing it craves is the process"
~Elizbeth Gilbert~

  • Creativity Workshops

    Discover your creativity through a variety of workshops including fiber art, painting,ceramics, collage, lei po'o, aromatherapy

  • Breathwork, Yoga, or Sound Healing

    Open your mind and ground yourself through movement, sound, or breathwork

  • Nourishing Food

    Indulge your physical body with nutritious and wholesome food catered by a local chef. Food sensitivities will be honored.

Typical Retreat Day Schedule

This is just an example. Each retreat is modified to accommodate the specific workshop or healing modality being taught. Food menus will vary as well as the structure of the day.


You'll be greeted by the pool as you enter the studio, let go of your worries and help yourself to a delicious spread of pastries, eggs, fruit, coffee or tea.


We'll come together as a group to settle in for the day, introduce ourselves, and calm our minds with a breathwork session and meditation.


You'll be guided by a professional artist/maker through a creative workshop while you find your flow and connect to your creative-self.


We'll break for some tea or a light snack before being led by an experienced instructor through a gentle and restorative yoga session, sound bath or other healing modality.


We'll gather together for a community meal and indulge our senses with a beautifully presented and nutritious catered lunch by a local chef. All meals are catered to our guests and food preferences will be honored.


Feeling re-charged from lunch, you'll dive back into the second portion of the workshop where you'll have an opportunity to fully connect with your creativity.


We'll close out the retreat by coming back together, sharing our reflections of the day and taking a few moments to honor our experience through brief breathwork and meditation.

Sage King, Fiber Artist

"Creativity and breathwork have played such vital roles in my overall happiness and has helped me through some of life's challenges. I am committed to facilitating an experience for other women to gather together, explore their creativity, nourish their bodies, and open their minds through breathwork.

The more creativity we cultivate, the more our life expands, our confidence grows, and our heart opens.

I invite you to come along for the ride!"

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Private Retreats

Would you like to bring together your own community for a private retreat? Think team-building, girlfriend get-together, bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc. Contact Sage to discuss a tailored event for you and your guests!